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How can we help?:

Scroll down or click button to access the scheduler. 

Please note: The scheduler does not handle any patient information - use the patient info form to give SEVC all patient information (required for all cases)

Click on the button to go to patient info form page.

Once you have reserved a consultation time, you do not need to access the scheduler page again - just submit patient info forms for each case you wish SEVC to evaluate

New Consult

Additional scheduling info:

Due to increased caseload in metro Atlanta, SEVC is now limiting new clinic partnerships in order preserve availability for current/active clinic partners. Please contact SEVC for more details if your clinic has not used SEVC previously, or if your clinic has not used SEVC in the last 4 months.


Up to 4 cases can be evaluated during each 90 minute consultation visit.​


Detailed Schedule Instruction
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