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Additional scheduling info:

Due to increased caseload in metro Atlanta, SEVC is now limiting new clinic partnerships in order preserve availability for current/active clinic partners. Please contact SEVC for more details if your clinic has not used SEVC previously, or if your clinic has not used SEVC in the last 4 months.


Up to 4 cases (increased amount as of April 2023) can be evaluated during each 90 minute consultation visit.​

  • By scheduling 2 or more cases during a consultation, no travel fee will be incurred

  • Patient details can be submitted now or any time later by filling out the patient info form ​

  • Each case you wish SEVC to evaluate must have a patient info form submitted.

  • Please submit forms as soon as possible after owner confirmation as this helps SEVC plan the day

  • Keep track internally (on your clinic's own schedule) of when SEVC is visiting and what specific cases are scheduled for your clinic.

  • Please note that the online scheduler and patient info forms are separate - your cases submitted via the patient info form will not be visible on the online scheduler, thus each clinic should maintain an internal list of patients for each consult day

  • Each clinic is responsible for scheduling/confirming dates with clients


Detailed Schedule Instruction
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