Procedure for SEVC coming to your clinic (2 part process):


1) Reserve Consultation Time with Online Scheduler (below):

1. Select the schedule that best fits your clinic location

2. Select day & estimated time for consultation

  • Arrival times are estimates and may be up to 1 hour before/after listed time

3. Fill out general clinic information with the main point of contact for the clinic (NOT the veterinarian on the specific case) as this can be used as a clinic-wide login to see all upcoming consultation times (read details below on the scheduler about creating a clinic account)

  • Please use the main (monitored) email address for the clinic - this will be where all reports are emailed and appointment confirmations will be sent

4. Click "Complete Consultation Request"

5. Once you book the time, please record this in your own clinic schedule

  • The reserved time will be not be visible anymore on the online scheduler (to prevent other clinics from also booking this day/time)

6. Your clinic will also receive a confirmation email sent to the email address provided during booking.

  • Make sure you receive this confirmation, otherwise contact SEVC

2) Then fill out Referral Form to provide each case's information:

1. Fill out referral form only AFTER scheduling your consultation time.

2. Up to 3 cases can be evaluated during each 90 minute consultation visit.​

  • Patient info can be submitted now or any time later by filling out the referral form ​

  • Each case you wish SEVC to evaluate must have a referral form submitted.

  • By scheduling 2 or more cases during a consultation, no travel fee will be incurred​​

3. Keep track internally (on your clinic's own schedule) of when SEVC is visiting and what specific cases are scheduled for your clinic.

  • Please note that the online scheduler and referral forms are separate - your cases submitted via the referral form will not populate into the online scheduler, thus each clinic should maintain an internal list of patients for each consult day

  • Each clinic is responsible for scheduling/confirming dates with clients

4. Your clinic will also receive a confirmation email for each referral form submitted​

Online Scheduler: