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Procedure for SEVC coming to your clinic (2 part process):

1) Use Online Scheduler (below) to reserve consult time:
See detailed instructions at bottom of page

2) Then submit Patient Info Form to provide each case's information:


***If a case does not have an info form submitted, SEVC cannot guarantee it will be evaluated***

See detailed instructions on the Patient Info Form page

Need to schedule a NEW consultation with SEVC?


Online Scheduler:

Detailed instructions for online scheduler (to reserve the day/time):

1. Select the schedule that best fits your clinic location

2. Select day & estimated time for consultation

  • Arrival times are estimates and may be up to 1 hour before/after listed time

3. Fill out general clinic information with the main point of contact for the clinic & main clinic email address as this can be used as a clinic-wide login to see all upcoming consultation times (read details below on the scheduler about creating a clinic account)

4. Click "Complete Consultation Request"

5. Once you book the time, please record this in your own clinic schedule

  • **Please note: The reserved time will be not be visible anymore on the online scheduler (to prevent other clinics from also booking this day/time)**

6. Your clinic will also receive a confirmation email sent to the email address provided during booking.

  • Make sure you receive this confirmation, otherwise contact SEVC

Other scheduling info:

Up to 3 cases can be evaluated during each 90 minute consultation visit.​

  • Patient details can be submitted now or any time later by filling out the patient info form ​

  • Each case you wish SEVC to evaluate must have a patient info form submitted.

  • Please submit forms as soon as possible after owner confirmation as this helps SEVC plan the day

  • By scheduling 2 or more cases during a consultation, no travel fee will be incurred​​

Keep track internally (on your clinic's own schedule) of when SEVC is visiting and what specific cases are scheduled for your clinic.

  • Please note that the online scheduler and patient info forms are separate - your cases submitted via the patient info form will not populate into the online scheduler, thus each clinic should maintain an internal list of patients for each consult day

  • Each clinic is responsible for scheduling/confirming dates with clients

Your clinic can set up an account with our scheduling site by registering your clinic email and password. 

  • This will show future scheduled consultation times

  • Create a general clinic login by clicking the "REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT" button on the confirmation page after scheduling your next consultation time.

  • This will not keep track of cases you submit with patient info forms, will only show your clinic's scheduled consult times

  • This step is not required.