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Service Area

**Please note:

  • Since SEVC does not have a clinic of our own, we depend on primary care clinics to host/facilitate evaluations of their own patients. Consultation and follow-up is with the primary care clinician at the clinic where the evaluation takes place. 

  • Due to this, SEVC cannot volunteer any clinic we serve to facilitate echocardiograms for clients not previously established at that clinic.

  • If your clinic is outside the below service area, see the client information FAQ section for other cardiology options in Georgia.

Each color represents generally how often each region will have appointments open to schedule. Availability to individual clinics may vary based on surrounding caseload and current scheduling of neighboring clinics as SEVC has limited consultation times in each region. SEVC's service area may change in the future based on caseload of specific regions.


Regional Availability

Blue -  weekly/biweekly - **very limited availability for new clinics only in certain areas, please email to see if new clinics are being added in your area** Travel Fee $125 (for single case consultations)

Purple - 1-2 times monthly - **currently not adding new clinics in this region**  Travel Fee $150 (for single case consultations)

Red - once monthly - **currently not adding new clinics in this region** Travel Fee $150 (for single case consultations)

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